H-FLOW - brine-based heavy-weight system

H-FLOW is a heavy-weight clay-free and calcium chloride based system with specific gravity above 1.36 g/cm3.

Special polymers allow maintaining clay-free, barite-free and calcium chloride-based drilling fluid with specific gravity above 1.36 g/cm3.


  • Ability to mix high-density drilling fluid with low content of solids.
  • Minimal contamination of pay zone
  • Good inhibitive properties
  • Rheological properties of biopolymer mud are characterized with low plastic viscosity, non-progressive gel strengths, and high values of viscosity at low shear rates.


  • Well-killing operations in the conditions with abnormally high formation pressures
  • It is a good alternative to barite mud systems, as it does not deteriorate the properties of the production interval.
  • Reduced fluctuations of bottom-hole pressure
  • Reduced failures during well-killing operations.


  • 22 october, 2015

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H-FLOW - brine-based heavy-weight system