The LIMEX system is a fresh water-based mud with lime designed for well-kill operations. The composition and properties of this system may vary dependent on the drilling and geological conditions. The system has been designed based on the experience with lime-based systems in different regions.


LIMEX system is optimal:


Dependent on the conditions, the LIMEX mud system may provide different advantages.

When drilling exploration wells in the conditions with abnormally high formation pressures, the system can provide appropriate rheological properties in the environment with very high content of solids (including weighting agent). The system includes temperature resistant additives, which do not destruct in high temperature conditions, and which provide stability of filtration and stability of rheological properties.

The composition of the system can be optimized to improve gel strength properties when drilling wells in the Urals-Volga region. This system is characterized with thixotropic properties, with optimal content of the fine mud solids (due to the absence of the mud volume build-up), and with the use of calcium carbonate as a colmatant and weighting agent.

The use of modified composition of the lime-based mud provides the following unique properties: