Solutions for oil production, workover and wells completion

Proper bottomhole zone condition is directly dependent on the well completion quality, specifically, on the use of proper fluids that contain no solids, are characterized by high inhibiting ability and low corrosive properties. Well selected and justified completion solutions enhance oil production and make oil and gas field development more effective. AKROS is offering a range of leading edge technologies in the production, well workover and completion area.

The most important role in well servicing and workover belongs to sound selection of well killing fluids that makes it possible to prevent such problems as loss of circulation, oil and gas shows, well productivity loss in post-overhaul period as well as aggressive corrosive action on tools and downhole equipment.

Technologies are selected for each individual well based on the specific geological and engineering data, and the results of the specific field core studies, which makes it possible to most accurately model the actual underlying conditions.

For the purpose of implementing our technologies at our Customer’s facilities, AKROS will be willing to perform pilot tests on mutually beneficial terms and to provide the required amounts of chemicals for the designated number of jobs.

Well servicing support is provided by our engineering personnel with extensive well completion and workover experience.


There are three main activity lines within solutions for oil production, workover and completion fluids provided by AKROS:

  • well kill fluids and completion solutions  

  • stimulation solutions    

  • water inflow reduction