Deepwater drilling solutions

Deepwater drilling is associated with increased risks for a company and its resources, including personnel resources, and requires high capital costs and appropriate technologies. AKROS is actively developing this area of business introducing unique solutions for deepwater drilling and providing efficient training of specialists for off-shore projects.


AKROS has designed specialized water-base and synthetic-base fluid systems for deepwater drilling.

Deepwater drilling refers to wells drilled in water depths of 150m or deeper. Offshore deepwater drilling operations have the following specific challenges:


Our company has high workforce capacity, providing continuous training of highly qualified specialists for offshore drilling projects.

We select professionals with engineering education, advanced work experience in drilling fluid services and knowledge of English within the Company.

The internal recruitment gives our specialists an opportunity for career growth and professional advancement, as well as personal development, increasing their motivation.

The training of off-shore drilling engineers includes the following two stages:

1. Training Courses:

2. On-the-Job Training on a Platform

Training of our own specialists for offshore projects is an integral part of the sustainable development of our company.