AKROS wins the Efficiency Award and Nomination

On March 1, 2016 "Slavneft - Megionneftegas JSC" held the First Conference related to application of the best technologies and import substitution for contractors providing services in the following areas:

"Geology" (geology, geophysics, simulation);

"Production" (production, workover, remedial cementing);

"Oilfield Services" (drilling, sidetracking, frac jobs, coil tubing operations);

"Infrastructure" (automation, energy, mechanics, pipeline transport).

AKROS employees made a research and development presentation related to: "Experience in development and implementation of highly effective polyamine shale inhibitor", describing the ways to improve drilling efficiency by using highly effective inhibitor systems. The presentation also noted the results of the AKROS laboratory research, and demonstrated the actual prospects in the use of such systems in the fields of "Slavneft - Megionneftegas JSC".

This R&D project has been awarded a Grade III Diploma nominated in the "Oilfield Services" section.

The main event of the Conference was devoted to the introduction of advanced technologies and import substitutions  in 2015, followed by awarding of the winners nominated in various categories. AKROS was recognized as the best company nominated under the Efficiency Category. A Diploma in the "Development drilling and sidetracking" category for the most efficient composition of drilling fluid to drill in the unstable mudstone intervals in the fields of "SN-MNG JSC" in 2015 was handed to the General Director of AKROS LLC.

AKROS Management expresses gratitude for the high appreciation of the Company, and is committed to continue development and strengthening of long-term relationships with "Slavneft - Megionneftegas JSC".



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AKROS wins the Efficiency Award and Nomination