Akros LLC Central Laboratory

In June 2014 Akros opened a Central Laboratory to analyse and to test chemicals and drilling fluid systems. 

The Akros Lab is located in the building of the ChemRar High-Tech Center (141400, Khimki, Moscow Region, Rabochaya Street, 2A, Building 1).

Akros and ChemRar High-Tech Center conduct advanced analytical studies and develop new chemicals for our needs. 

The Lab occupies a 50 m2 room well-equipped with appropriate modern tools and equipment. The building has a centralized waste collection system, ventilation system and fire fighting system.

The Lab has all necessary equipment to run appropriate tests with drilling fluids and chemicals.  The Laboratory possesses a sufficient storage facility that houses multiple samples of chemicals from different manufacturers. The material inspection system is also sufficient to provide storage of the control samples. 


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Akros LLC Central Laboratory