Research and innovations

The key principle of AKROS is constant improvement, commitment to increasing efficiency and the development of high-tech oilfield services. 

As part of its activities, AKROS conducts extensive research based on its own research and development laboratory center, and collaborates with developers of innovative technologies to introduce solutions in the production process.

Innovative partnership

As part of continuous improvement of the technologies used in the company and development of oilfield services, AKROS actively develops partnerships with technology developers working in the oil and gas industry.


The Drilling fluid research center provides inspection of arriving supplied chemical products, and runs advanced studies on issues and problems that arise in the field during a well construction. 

Joint projects with customers

AKROS in cooperation with Customers implements projects on introduction of new technologies and innovative drilling fluid systems

On the basis of the company's technical research center, analytical studies, evaluation of the properties and quality of the products used, as well as the development of new solutions in the field of mud fluids, technologies for squeeze cementing and treatment of  reservoir bottom-hole area are conducted.

Cooperation with the leading manufacturers of equipment enables us to offer our customers advanced solid phase control technologies, as well as a range of environmental solutions for minimization, disposal and transportation of drill mud.