SYNTEX is a fresh water-based system based on acrylic polymers. Two types of acrylic polymers  - with high and medium molecular weight - may be used in this drilling fluid system. The acrylic systems with high molecular weight functions as the encapsulant for cuttings, thus preventing clay swelling, absorbing free water, and preventing clay from hydration and swelling. Polymers with medium molecular weight prevent coagulation processes; they can also stabilize the rheological properties of mud, and reduce fluid loss volumes. Combination of treatments with acrylic systems allows to efficiently regulate the properties of the fresh water-based mud even in the environments with high concentration of cuttings.


The SYNTEX system is optimal:

  • to drill deviated wells designed for frac simulations;
  • to drill high penetration rate wells from the same pad;
  • to reduce drilling fluid costs;
  • to drill in closed loop systems equipped with flocculation units (it is the most efficient use). 


The critical feature of the acrylic polymer systems is the capability of multiple recycling of mud, thus allowing to significantly reduce costs associated with mud mixing and mud treatment. Unlike mineralized systems, which are low-efficient and infeasible in the upper intervals, the acrylic systems can be easily modified for spudding. The acrylic systems are characterized with a high degree of tolerance to contamination by cuttings.

The SYNTEX system may be additionally treated by MEX-AS shale stability product to improve the stability of the wellbore.

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