MEX-SBT represents modified starch for drilling fluid and high-quality polysaccharide used to control water loss for all types of water-based mud systems. This form of non-ionic polymer provides high efficiency in different types of make-up water (from fresh water to saturated brines and solutions. 


Appearance:                                                                 fine white powder

Density:                                                                        1.45 g/cm3

рН (1% solution):                                                           5.6

Bulk density                                                                  560 kg/m3


MEX-SBT is an efficient cost saving additive, which controls water loss effectively.  MEX-SBT is used to control fluid loss in fresh-water, sea-water and brine-based mud systems. The additive can be used in almost all types of water-based drilling fluids, including: clay muds, lime muds, primary biopolymer muds, inhibitor systems with potassium chloride.  Recommended concentrations for mud treatment may vary dependent on the required value of water/ fluid loss, and on the mud composition - from 8 to 20 kg/m3. As a rule, a significant reduction of water loss occurs after the concentration of the additive has reached 8 – 10 kg/m3.

Mud with MEX-SBT shall be treated by MEX-CIDE bactericide, with the exception of the systems with high pH, or systems with high content of minerals. 

It is recommended to add the agent through the hydraulic hopper as slow as possible to provide its maximum efficiency. It should be 5 to 7 minutes per bag. The additive dissolution rate depends on the temperature of the mix water and on the composition of the solution. 



  • Cost-saving and efficient product.
    • Effective in different mud systems.
    • It stabilizes rheological properties of mud.
    • It reduces filtration of mud into permeable intervals.
  • The additive is biodegradable. It is recommended to use it with bactericide, except drilling fluids where the mineral content is >180 000 mg/l (chlorides), or where рН>11.5
    • If the temperature is above 120 оС, it is necessary to use it with a thermal stabilising agent.


MEX-SBT is packaged in 25 kg multilayer paper bags. Store in a dry place. Use conventional PPE when handling the product (safety goggles, gloves and dust mask. Handle as recommended in the MSDS.


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