MEX-CIDE represents liquid bactericide used to prevent bacterial degradation of the organic components of the water-based drilling fluids, such as polysaccharides and biopolymers.


Appearance                                            Liquid from light-yellow to light-brown color

Density at 20ОС, g/cm3                                1,10 – 1,20

рН 0,3% water solution                               9,5 – 10,5

Solubility in water                                      soluble

Freezing temperature, ОС                            - 10

Flash point in an open cup, ОС                       127


MEX-CIDE suppresses the growth of bacteria, including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. The recommended concentrations for the majority of the mud systems varies from 0.1 to 0.5 kg/m3.

The additive may be added through the hopper or directly into tanks during circulation (1 canister per 10-15 minutes) to provide homogeneous mud. Water should be treated with this additive before mixing any new amount of drilling fluid. If used with starch, the concentration of MEX-CIDE shall be about 0,1 kg/m3, additional portions shall be within 0,04 kg/m3.

A preliminary treatment of mud may be required, if the initial concentration of mud is high. The treatment shall be within 0,1 – 0,18 kg/m3.



  • Efficient to suppress the majority of the known bacteria.
    • Non-ionic additive, which does not interact with the other components of mud.
    • High-concentrated and cost-saving additive.
    • It does not age and it is not affected by temperature.
  • Strong irritant for skin and mucous membranes - handle with care!



MEX-CIDE is supplied in 31,5 l canisters. Use conventional PPE when handling the product (safety goggles, gloves and dust mask. Strong irritant: handle with care. Handle as recommended in the MSDS.


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