Drilling Fluids Service

Any drilling process requires the use of special drilling fluids. First drilling fluids were introduced in 1833 by a French engineer named Flauville.

Why do we need drilling fluids?

A drilling fluid is a multifunctional system - it is designed to fulfil several tasks, while drilling. For example, it cleans a borehole from the drilled cuttings and debris. Also, drilling fluids ensure efficient penetration of so-called production intervals, and they also protect the downhole environment.

The use of drilling fluids enables to perform the following functions:

  • to prevent the drill bit from heating up;
  • to strengthen the sediments/ the rocks, thus significantly hardening the borehole walls;
  • to remove drilled cuttings from the borehole;
  • to prevent rock sloughing;
  • to protect drilling equipment from corrosion environment.

There are a lot of different types of drilling fluids up to date, including mud, lime, mineralized drilling fluids, emulsion-based, oil-based, etc. drilling fluids. The composition of drilling fluid depends on specific reservoir properties, drilling parameters, economic feasibility, environmental safety requirements specifying the use of appropriate additives, etc.

Drilling Fluid Performance

After the drilling fluid has been mixed based on the pre-designed composition, it is placed into the mud pit for storage during the entire drilling process.  The drilling fluid is then pumped from the mud pit into the hole. It flows through the drill pipes reaching the drill bit, which breaks the rock.  Then, the drilling fluid goes up through the annulus, thus removing drilling cuttings generated by the drill bit. The replaced drilling fluid containing suspended cuttings is directed through the special pipe to the shale shaker, where cuttings are separated from the drilling fluid. Finally, the fluid is pumped into the settling tank.   

Drilling Fluids services

The drilling fluid services include a complex of activities aimed to maintain the most efficient and safe drilling parameters.  The drilling fluid services include the following activities:

1. Development of Mud Program 

2. Preparation of drilling fluids with respect to the appropriate composition required by the Client.

3. Technological control over preparation of drilling fluids, including optimisation of mud properties while drilling.

4. Preparation of daily reports and recommendations to use drilling fluids in specific geological conditions.

5. Development of recommendations for proper storage of chemicals, etc.       

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Drilling Fluids Service